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Sunday October 25, 2020

Worship Lyrics

Sermon Title: Authority to Forgive
Bible Passage:  Luke 5:17-26

Big Idea:  As disciples of Jesus, our mission is to carry the hurting to Jesus, because Jesus offers healing for both body and soul.

Sermon Outline:

What can we do for a hurting world?
1.  Carry others to Jesus.
2.  Strategize.

What can Jesus do for a hurting world?
1.  Jesus has the power to heal.
2.  Jesus has the authority to forgive.

Kids Coloring Page:  Through the Roof

Discussion Questions:

As we work our way through the gospels, I'll be asking us to think about the question, "What does it mean to follow Jesus?" Each week in our discussion time, the questions will be:

1) What is one thought I have right now about what it means to follow Jesus?

2) What is one simple thing I can do to try following Jesus this week?