One Story


Welcome to our One Story Bible reading plan!  This year, we, as a church family at Coast Vineyard, are embarking on the grand adventure of reading through the entire Bible in one year!  

The Bible is a magnificent, literary masterpiece.  When we read the Bible with open hearts, we encounter the living God, and our lives are never the same again.  The Bible is life-changing, inspiring, encouraging, comforting, convicting, thought-provoking, moving, unforgettable, and utterly life-giving.

Even so, many of us are uncertain about how to engage it. The place to start is understanding that the Bible is a collection of different kinds of literature from many historical periods, which, together, tell one epic story -- the living and ongoing story of God's great love for humanity and his mission to bring blessing and healing to the whole earth. The key to making sense of the Bible is to follow the big story, find yourself in it, and become empowered to live your own part of the story in ways you might never have imagined possible.

So, go ahead and dive on in!  Part II of One Story is called The Promise of a King and goes from April 6 until July 5. If you're joining us late, you can just jump in to where we are.  Sign up for weekly emails HERE.  The emails have links to the reading plan as well as pastoral comments for that week's readings.  

Part 2 Bookmark Downloads:

You can also catch up on previous weeks by clicking on the links below.   

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Week 6:  February 3, 2020

Week 7:  February 10, 2020

Week 8:  February 17, 2020

Week 9:  February 24, 2020

Week 10:  March 2, 2020

Week 11:  March 9, 2020

Week 12:  March 16, 2020

Week 13:  March 23, 2020

Week 14:  March 30, 2020

Week 15:  April 6, 2020

Week 16:  April 13, 2020

Week 17:  April 20, 2020

Week 18:  April 27, 2020

Week 19:  May 4, 2020

Week 20:  May 11, 2020

Week 21:  May 18, 2020