Building a Community of Love...

Loving God

Through a lifestyle of characterized by...

Intimacy in Worship.

  • We will devote ourselves to worshipping together, genuinely and joyfully praising and thanking God for who he is and what he has done.
  • We will be faithful in telling about God’s goodness and everything he has done for us.
  • We will encourage every member to tithe. We would like to see every person in regular attendance giving to Coast.

The Word.

  • We will call and equip every member to pursue relationship with God through careful understanding of and meditation on his Word.
  • We will call every member to pursue a lifestyle of obedience to God’s commands, as recorded in the Bible.
  • In particular, we will be faithful to Jesus’ commands to baptize believers and to celebrate the Lord’s supper together.


  • We will call and equip every member to pursue relationship with God through corporate and personal prayer.
  • Our leadership will pursue God’s direction for our church through prayer and meditation on God’s Word both individually and corporately.
  • We will welcome, pursue, and expect the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in our midst.
  • We will eagerly desire and encourage the exercise of Spiritual gifts for evangelism and the building up of the church.

Loving Each Other

In such a way that . . .

Every member is valued.

  • We work to make everyone feel welcome in our community, building a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and economically diverse community.
  • We will build a community life which embraces the diversity of our membership and our city, and which reflects a global perspective.
  • We will build a leadership team of gifted and called men and women which reflects the diversity of our membership, city, and world.
  • We will communicate the vision of our church to every member and to invite each person to share in it.

Every member is cared for.

  • We will build a hope group system in which members are known, loved, and cared for. We would like to see every person in regular attendance in a home group.
  • We will build a leadership culture in which leaders intimately know, love, and care for one another.
  • We will have teams available to pray for anyone in need.
  • We will own a building in which to have Sunday services, other community events, and offices. It will be accessible to all members, near a bus route, and serve as a central hub for our community.
  • We will share resources with one another in times of need.

Every member is growing.

  • We will equip every member in the essentials of following Jesus, such as sharing the message of God’s kingdom, healing the sick, setting captives free, studying the Bible, and making spiritual disciplines habits for life.
  • We will teach encourage every member to recognize, learn to use and to operate in his or her gifts in a way that blesses the community.
  • We will challenge members to stretch themselves and to take risks of faith as God calls them.
  • We will have every member mentoring at least one person in the church and being mentored by at least one member in the church either formally or informally.

Loving the World

by extending the message and mercy of Jesus through . . .


  • We will welcome broken people into our church.
  • We will invite people to new life in Jesus in our services, home groups, events, and daily lives.
  • We will bring new people into relationship with Jesus every week.

Compassion and Justice.

  • We will engage local and world issues in a meaningful way.
  • We will use the resources of our church to engage pressing social justice issue in our city.
  • We will set aside a space in our building or own another space to use as a center for ongoing compassion and justice work on behalf of the poor in our city, specifically the homeless in the beach community.
  • We will develop a training program for people interested in compassion and justice ministries.
  • We will care for God’s creation, acting as witnesses to Christ by our presence in the community, collaborating with community groups on environmental stewardship projects, and bridging the gaps between the Christian community and the general public based on a better understanding of the Creator and the stewardship of God’s creation.

Church planting.

  • We will send out diverse teams to plant new churches in San Diego. We would like to see more Vineyards planted.
  • We will work to facilitate a church planting movement in Baja Mexico.
  • We will work to facilitate a church planting movement in Southeast Asia, starting with Thailand and Laos.