Church Governance

Local Church Governance

The governing body of Coast Vineyard is our Board of Directors. This is a group of three to nine people who are responsible for the business affairs of the church including hiring of staff, financial contracts, and allocation of funds. Board decisions are made in keeping with the bylaws of the church, available for viewing here. The board is responsible for amending the bylaws as needed and for the selection of new board members.

As with most Vineyard churches, the senior pastor serves as the president of the board and is responsible for day to day decisions about the operations of the church and oversight of the staff. In the absence of the president, this becomes the responsibility of the vice president. Responsibility for day to day decisions about how the various ministries of the church are carried out are typically delegated to the staff members directly responsible for those areas of ministry.

In addition to the president and vice president, the other officers of the board are the secretary, responsible for maintaining minutes of board meetings and related documents, and the treasurer, responsible for collection of offerings and safekeeping of funds. These officers may or may not be voting members of the board.

Our current voting members are:

Michelle Wilson (president)
Frank Uyeda (secretary)
Wendy Dimmock
Sam Tsoi

Non-voting office holders are:

MaryAnn Nguyen-Kwok (vice president)
Rob Kasper (treasurer)

Vineyard USA Oversight

Coast Vineyard is part of the San Diego Area of Vineyard churches. Our area leader, Ron Ohst, is the pastor of Grace Vineyard in Oceanside, CA. Ron meets regularly with all senior pastors in the area to offer support and fellowship.

The San Diego Area is part of the Southern California Region. Our regional leader, Travis Twymann, is the pastor of Inland Vineyard in Corona, CA. Travis meets regularly with all area leaders in the Southern California Region to provide direction for the region, care for area leaders, and assist with local church needs.

Regional leaders report to the Regional Leader Coach, Brian Anderson, pastor of Vineyard North Phoenix and member of the national board of directors for the Vineyard USA. To learn more about how the Vineyard USA is structured, visit our website at