Creation Care


"The Lord God placed man in the Garden of Eden to tend and care for it" (Genesis 2:15)

Coast Creation Care (CCC) is our environmental ministry that seeks to:

  • Support Coast Vineyard as a church that is committed to caring for God's creation
  • Collaborate with community groups on environmental stewardship projects
  • Act as witnesses to Christ by our presence in the community
  • Work to bridge the gaps between the Christian community (and among the Christian community) and the general public based on a better understanding of the Creator and the stewardship of God's creation

Past CCC events have included beach cleanups, garden cleanups, and meetings to help bring further awareness for how to care for our environment. 

    Recycling is something EVERYONE can do...and easily! 

    Church Bulletins.  We encourage you to recycle your church bulletins (unless you choose to save them, of course!) in one of our paper recycling bins located near the door of the auditorium.