Men's Ministry



Have you recently found yourself wanting to go deeper in God's love with others?  Have you ever been in a place where you realized you didn't know yourself as much as you thought you did? Or maybe, have you ever wondered what it looked like to creatively partner with a community of men who simply want to do good in this world by serving the marginalized, unseen, or poor?

Yeah, we've been there.

The good news is that God created us to experience His love.
The other good news?  We aren't meant to do it alone.


As the Men's Ministry at Coast Vineyard, we believe God has given us a vision to cultivate a community of men who experience life together by pursuing intimacy with God and others through work + play + connect.  

We value:

  • the leadership of Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit
  • a commitment to authenticity
  • the courage to take risks, and
  • the desire to be whole.


We partner with organizations such as Bridge of Hope to bring our creative gifts to the table.  Together, we're called to serve and care for the hurting, the sick, the foreigner, and the orphan.


We also like to have fun and enjoy life.  Be it sailing the San Diego Harbor, hiking Cowles Mountain, paintballing in the hills of Ramona, or carrying each other through tough mud run, we believe friendship, laughter, & new challenges are integral parts of the human experience.


Opportunities to grow in intimacy with God and with other men can be few and far between.  Thus, we've formed small group settings where men can engage with the deepest, oftentimes most uncomfortable areas of their lives.  These environments challenge and move us towards healing, maturity, and humility.

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Want to get plugged in?  

You can e-mail us at  .  Introduce yourself + share with us your God-given dreams.  We invite you to join our community of men as we chase after God's heart together.